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Success in loan origination depends on several factors: Peak efficiency. Full compliance. High loan quality. Providing borrowers the best possible price, service and turnaround time. All are critical to optimizing your business' and customers' satisfaction.
LPS’ proven origination tools have the power to provide them all — and more. LPS’ loan origination technology, advanced data solutions and complete range of lead generation, appraisal, verification, title and closing products help keep lenders ahead of the curve — and under budget.


Automating your servicing operations is the fastest way to greater efficiency and lower costs. And LPS has the most comprehensive, versatile, dependable servicing software available. This powerful solution automates the entire servicing process — from loan boarding to asset disposition. In fact, LPS’ servicing technology processes more than half of all mortgages in the U.S.
Further strengthen your competitive advantage by combining your servicing platform with LPS’ workflow, servicing automation and rules-based tools to optimize efficiency and profitability. Technology-based loss mitigation and default solutions help servicers stay in compliance while helping borrowers.


Now more than ever, you need aggressive programs to mitigate mortgage losses. LPS offers one-source convenience for high-performance default/modification analytics; accurate property valuations; comprehensive loan-level and real estate data and expert quality assurance solutions.
Our comprehensive data and analytics are the leading information source to help the real estate industry better understand its market. Paired with our sophisticated modeling and decisioning solutions, you’ll have the power and knowledge to craft portfolio strategies and engage in new opportunities.
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